The Beginning

Blackstock™ was created to produce 100% American Made hunting and performance outdoor clothing unmatched by our leading competitors. The founders at Blackstock™ recognized that by producing our products in the USA we could shorten the supply chain and environmental impacts of globally sourced material, we could ensure humane and safe working environments for the skilled trades that create our fabrics and sew our garments and more importantly, the money spent on Blackstock™ clothing stays in our local communities. We live in the outdoors, we hunt, we fish and we recognize the need for well-constructed garments built with the highest quality materials possible. This is the backbone of the Blackstock™  brand. 

Our Promise

At Blackstock™ we believed so strongly in creating great performance orientated hunting and outdoor clothing in the USA, that you will not find our proprietary camouflage pattern on any product not made in the USA. If you see the Blackstock™ camouflage pattern, you know the product can carry the Made in the USA label. 

It took two years of development to perfect our Blackstock™ pattern. This custom pattern is comprised of elements taken directly out of nature and utilizes the science of fractals to maximize concealment. Our initial launch pattern is designed to excel in forested areas primarily in lower elevations with medium to heavy foliage. This highly effective design allows multiple uses over a wide range of environments. Simply by changing the color pallet of the Blackstock™ pattern our clothing can adapt to multiple situations spanning from the deep south to western high mountain hunting.

The Science

It's no secret that it is both easier and cheaper to source  your materials overseas. However, the benefits to the American economy along with the strict quality control we see on domestic textiles made this an easy choice for the Blackstock™ Brand. The majority of our fabrics are sourced in the Southeast along with other specialty suppliers throughout the United States. This local focus gives us the ability to quickly make changes to improve our products for our customers.

Utilizing a 3 layer lamination process for our outerwear ensures it is both waterproof and breathable. Our T-shirts use the highest quality, odor resistant and softest synthetic material we could find. Even our accessories such as hats, balaclavas and face buffs use performance and moisture wicking materials with thoughtful designs such as flat-lock seams. 

All our sublimation is done locally as well, using traditional sublimation as well as High Energy Disperse Printing specifically for outdoor applications. We use the disperse printing for all textiles used in the manufacturing of our headwear to prolong the life of the color fastness.  Products like hats take the brunt of the suns rays and while its costs a little more, we can avoid the sun-fading normally associated with cheaper methods. Our hyper focus on local production also allows us to monitor the printing for uniformity and color matching across our products lines.

Our  manufacturing and consumer choices help keep Domestic production of garments strong. The quality control of a USA Made product is unmatched. We are able to monitor every step of the process to make sure the customer receives the highest quality garment possible. Seam tape, zippers, buttons, collars, and sleeves are all uniform in application and construction unlike many imported garments. 

The Purpose

Ultimately Blackstock™ is about enjoying your time outdoors. Whatever your passion, hunting, fishing, or hiking we want you outdoors enjoying what Mother Nature has provided for us. We strive to provide the best garments that will stand up to years of wear and tear while producing a premium 100% American Made Product! We know how much time and effort go into planning your outdoor adventures each year. Worrying about how your gear performs should not be part of that process. It's our promise that our products will stand up the harsh environment in which you thrive!  


100% American Made